Sewing Machine Services

Due to unforseen circumstnaces, Wayne is behind in his schedule.  so Ian, his right hand man is ocming out MOnday to pick up machines and bring them back the 23rd, sihnce this would be quicker than waiting for Wayne to arrive here.

Knowing when a large investment is made in a quality sewing machine or serger, quality service and maintenance is desired.

The Sewing Studio has  Wayne Meddaugh of Port Huron, Michigan, owner of  Wayne's Sewing Machine, handle all of our service and repairs.  Wayne's Sewing Machine has recently been named
"Official Husqvarna Viking Repair Center for Machines Out of Warranty". 

Wayne will be here at the studio on a monthly basis, weather permitting.  I could not have this business without having a repair person and I do look for the best.

 Call (219)477-5073, if your machine is needing the best quality repairs, parts, cleaning or lubrication and get your name on the list!
(219) 477-5073 or

Tricks and Tips

This tip is concerning the magnetism and electrical issues with a  computerized sewing machine....
This tip comes from John Szwec, former National Technical Trainer for Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines.
One of my new machine owners asked about using magnetic pin cushions around her new computerized machine.
I know what I told her, but I asked John.

Any of the stepper motors in your machine work by magnetism and have a ten times stronger magnetic field than any magnetic anything you are putting near your machine.
So if you are used to using magnetic pin cushions, do not let your new machine stop you!
My answer to her was that you would need one of the magnets they use in the junkyard to lift cars before you would have a magnetic problem with the machine.

John did point out the magnetic items near your LCD screen is another issue.  You put a magnet near the screen and all the LCD crystals move and forever after you will have a distorted picture on the screen.
Then we have had a couple of machines in with, what turns out to be warranty issues, otherwise expensive replacement of stepper motors, but these problems were caused by power surges.  However, the electrical warranty on any machine is not 20 years, but somewhere between two and five years, depending on the model.
So word to the wise, to have your machine in a surge protector and unplug it when you aren't using it.
John also mentioned there is a power conditioner which monitors the electricity coming through for highs and lows, rather than just protecting against the highs.

Something to think about when you consider the investment you already have in your machine.