Sewing Studio U(niversity) 2017
Those who sew are among the friendliest, most helpful people you can find.  To spread this untapped source of friendship and knowledge around…

Serger Circle - First Wednesday of the month at 2 P.M.
Learn to love your serger in a few easy lessons! Then see all you can create!

Sewing  Sisters - Second Friday of the month at 10 A.M.
A variety of projects, taught by the members throughout the year.

Machine Techniques - Second Wednesday of the month at 2 P.M.
Using a variety of  techniques on your sewing machine, samples will be created and
made into a cover for your sewing machine.

Software Roundtable - Fourth Wednesday of the month at 2 P.M.
If you have 5D, 6D or Premier Embroidery Software and are not getting much fun or use out of it, this is for you!  We will be starting in February will a simple project and move on from there to explore all facets of this CAD software.

Designer  Technique Studio - Third Tuesday of the month at 2 P.M.
If you own a Designer machine, this is the class for you!  Unique sewing abilities and the embroidery capabilities that are in your Designer....all will be explored.                                    

For our ten month calendar - February to November -  the cost is $250 - a cost of $5.00 per class.

A single class is $ 40.
Card carrying "full-time students" receive 10% discount on all purchases, plus discounted cost for special events and guaranteed work space.

We encourage you to consider enrolling and making good use of your sewing machine and/or serger.  Of equal or greater importance are the friendships created among those who share a love of sewing which is worth every cent you spend to enroll!

Finally, we hope to provide special pricing and events for our most loyal of clients!