Horn Cabinet Gallery Sale

The Sewing Studio is home to Horn Sewing Furniture  !  We are proud dealers of this wonderful furniture and now...

We have two floor model cabinets at great discount. One is an oak quilter's cabinet with caddie and drafting chair and the other is the hard to find cherry (dark) wood with a caddie.  Be prepared to be stunned at what a lovely workspace these cabinets provide!

Make plans to  see what gorgeous, sewing furniture is available from West Virginia's Horn of America, Inc.  And if you can use either of our floor models, expect to make a steal!

This is one furniture purchase to last a lifetime and we want to give you all the tools you need to make the right selection.
   There is nothing like having dedicated sewing furniture to make you feel like the creative sewing person you are!

For in home delivery and complete set-up and disposal of the packing materials, the Sewing Studio is having cabinets delivered to Indiana Furniture, who then handle the final step in the delivery to your sewing room.

Sewing Machine Service

Mid- July

Knowing when a large investment is made in a quality sewing machine or serger, quality service and maintenance is desired.

The Sewing Studio has  Wayne Meddaugh of Port Huron, Michigan , owner of  Wayne's Sewing Machine, handle all of our service and repairs. 

Wayne will be here at the studio on a monthly basis and he is getting ready to settle  in with his chair and workbench.
  I could not have this business without having a repair person and I do look for the best.

 Call (219)477-5073, if your machine is needing the best quality repairs, cleaning or lubrication and get your name on the list!

(219) 477-5073 or thesewingstudio@frontier.com

Join Us for The Best Sewing Experiences Ever!

Finding you the machine you always wanted
Showing how to get great use of it
One-on-One lessons to learn the features
  of your sewing machine and learning  techniques and sharing ideas
Top tech in the country for machine maintainence

Welcome to the Home of Creative Sewing with Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines and  Sergers.

You will love our Layway Plan!

Sewing Studio U(niversity) 2016

Those who sew are among the friendliest, most helpful people you can find.  To spread this untapped source of friendship and knowledge around...

Embroidery Club - First Tuesday of the month at 2 P.M.
              Learn how to transfer designs from other sources onto your sewing/embroidery machine.
Learn the  best practices in saving designs, selecting a hoop, stabilizing and stitching.

Serger Circle - First Wednesday of the month at 2 P.M.
              Learn to love your serger in a few easy lessons! Then see all you can create!

Sewing  Sisters - Second Friday of the month at 10 A.M. 
               A variety of projects, taught by the members throughout the year.

Machine Techniques - Second Tuesday of the month at 2 P.M.
           Using a variety of  techniques on your sewing machine, samples will be created and
           made into a cover for your sewing machine .

Software Roundtable - Fourth Wednesday of the month at 2 P.M.
               If you have 5D, 6D or Premier Embroidery Software and are not getting much fun or use out of it,
           this is for you!  We will be starting in February will a simple project and move on from there to explore all                       facets of this CAD software.


Designer  Technique Studio - Third Tuesday of the month at 2 P.M.
                        If you own a Designer machine, this is the class for you!  Unique sewing abilities  and the                                              embroidery capabilities that are in  your Designer....all will be explored in this class.                                     


For our ten month calendar - February to November -  the cost is $250 - a cost of $5.00 per class.

A single class is $ 80.

Card carrying "full time students" receive 10% discount on all purchases, plus discounted cost for special events and guaranteed work space.

We encourage you to consider enrolling and making good use of your sewing machine and/or serger.  Of equal or greater importance are the friendships created among  those who share a love of sewing which are worth every cent you spend to enroll! Finally, we hope to provide special pricing and events for our loyalest of clients!



Tricks and Tips

This tip is concerning the magnetism and electircal isues with a  computerized sewing machine....

Today's tip comes from John Szwec, former National Technical Trainer for Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines.

One of my new machine owners asked about using magnetic pin cushions around her new computerized machine.

I know what I told her, but I asked John.

Any of the stepper motors in your machine work by magnetism and have a ten times stronger magnetic field than any magnetic anything you are putting near your machine.

So if you are used to using magnetic pin cushions, do not let your new machine stop you!

My answer to her was that you would need one of the magnets they use in the junkyard to lift cars, before you would have a magnetic problem with the machine.

John did point out the magnetic items near your LCD screen is another issue.  You put a magnet near the screen and all the LCD crystals move  and forever after you will have a distorted picture on the screen.

Then we have had a couple of machines in with, what turns out to be warranty issues, otherwise expensive replacement of stepper motors, but these problems were caused by power surges.  However, the electrical warranty on any machine is not 20 years, but somewhere between two and five years, depending on the model. 

So word to the wise, to have your machine in a surge protector and unplug it when you aren't using it.

John also mentioned there is a power conditioner which monitors the electricity coming through for highs and lows, rather than just protecting against the  highs. Something to think about when you consider the investment you already have in your machine.

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I live in Crown Point and have a salon & spa in Valparaiso.  Sue was referred to me as a client and the moment I met her, I couldn't stop thinking about fulfilling my goal of learning how to sew.  Not only does she sell top of the line sewing machines, she makes sure you know how to fully use them  She was confident she could teach me and she very patiently has.  What a great place!
Michelle M.  Crown Point, IN

"I am loving my Viking Serger I got from you over a month ago!  It surely makes my life so much easier to sew the skirts for the skirt purses that I am making.  Also I wanted to ask how to leave a testimonial for you and your shop!  I am so thankful that I came to you vs. other stores for Viking machines!  You are so helpful and a great person! 
Thank you, Sue !!!"
Maggie T. Portage, IN

"Love the shop & Sue is a great lady to do business with.  Always willing to help you find everything you need. 
And if you join any or all of the classes you are sure to meet a great bunch of ladies. And you'll learn alot too."
Pat W.  Kouts, IN

"I just  love that I bought my machine here.  I have the freedom to call or come in for help when I need it."
Carole H.  Valparaiso, IN

"I do so love your store."
Phyllis L. Bolingbrook, IL

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and the group for such a great day with the Serger Circle.  I learned so much, got comfortable with using my machine, and actually completed a couple of napkins.  All 12 are done now and I completed a scarf as well, while I was at it!  I realized that the leftover fabric from my kitchen curtains would probably yield a dozen or so napkins so I now have them cut out to do more practicing.
What a great group of women to spend a day with, so helpful and friendly.  I'm already looking forward to the October class.
Thanks again."
Linda L. McHenry, IL:.

"I have been sewing for 60 years and have never had a sewing helper as professional and helpful as you. You are always willing to help and the turn around time for machine repairs has been very good."
Rita W., Hanna, IN

"I am so happy to find the Sewing Studio! Sue is a great Viking dealer.  She has helped me progress from my first Viking enbroidery machine of a 1+ to a new Designer Ruby.  I remember how frustrated I felt at not being able to use the 1+ to its capabilities.
Because of the classes and sewing groups she nurtures, my retirement is so much more fun than I ever thought it would be.  I am continually learning something new about sewing and machine embroidery while making new friends at the same time."
Judy T., Valparaiso, IN

"I had a Singer machine that was always breaking down in the middle of projects. Sue suggested the Viking 100Q and I am delighted with it!
I love not having to use a foot pedal.  Thank you for my first lesson.  I sewed on knit t-shirt material and on pleather.
Looking forward to spending more time learning my new machine with Sue and my poodle friend, Blondie."
Jill B., Valparaiso, IN

Service Testimonials

Mentioning to my sister that my machine needed cleaning, she said this was the only place to go! 
Her machine had been serviced here, fair pricing, and it sews better now than it did when it was new!!
Diane B., Valparaiso, IN

Good job, having sewed and embroidered, it is working perfectly! 
Sharon M. , Hebron, IN (repeat customer)

Repairs have been great and my machine works fine. 
Sue W., Valparaiso, IN (repeat customer)

Being the only sewing machine dealer in Northern Indiana from Illinois to Ohio and north of Indianapolis who is a member of the Better Business Bureau (by invitation) I am sure it is repairs that draw complaints, not the machines I sell or the lessons that are given.  Having been a consumer long before I became a dealer, I know repairs caused nightmares in my sewing history.
So I am delighted to provide such a wonderful service technician and have my own machines in good hands too!  
Sue B., the Sewing Studio